lordofalba asked: “ *Smiles watching Jensen and Katja run into the house, rather sure Jen won't have to go far. Wonders how the little man missed the chickens on the other side of the car. Unbuckles Una, kisses her cheeks before setting her down and she runs after her siblings. Picks up Evander and cuddles him.* So... inside first? Or unload the car? ”

Oh no… See I don’t think you heard me. I had to sing the entire Frozen soundtrack 3 times… And I wont tell you how many times we replayed that damn Let It Go song. So I wont be unpacking the car, you’ll be unpacking the car. *Nose in the air and he shuffles into the house*

lordofalba asked: “ *Stretches as he gets out and starts to help Eirik in getting the weans unpacked.* Well... I'm sorry that sounds like it would have been amusing. Next time wake me up sooner... *Wonders if Eirik didn't wake up him because he would have recorded it all.* ”

'Ona! 'Ona! *Jensen runs into her house looking for animals to cuddle. Thalia snuggles her Papa and Katja runs after Jensen*

lordofalba asked: “ *Yelps indignantly, as he is startled awake by the poke confused. Looks at Iona's house in shock, thought he just closed his eyes only miles away from Eirik's house.* Um... I slept the whole way? ”

You did. *Gives him a look* You missed out on singing all the Frozen songs… Three times. *Starts unloading the children*

lordofalba asked: “ *Aidan would so take a video of this if he wasn't asleep. Una is signing with Eirik too.* ”

*Pulls up to Iona’s house after awhile on the road. He pokes Aidan in the side before hitting him in the gut* 

lordofalba asked: “ *Thankfully the children quiet down, Jen, Eveander are rather close to falling asleep.* Papa~ sing song? *Una wiggles in her seat in between her sisters,* ”

*Looks in the mirror at her* Okay. 


lordofalba asked: “ *So passed out, after just a few minutes of being in the car. Poor Eirik the children are singing some strange song off key.* ”

*You’re going to pay for this later Aidan. Just you wait and see*

lordofalba asked: “ Okay... if you want. *Double checks all the car seats then get in the passenger side.* ”

*Starts driving off to Iona’s* 

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lordofalba asked: “ So... who is driving? *Helps Eirik strap in all the weans, which means all of them.* You all excited, weans? ”

I’ll drive. *Thalia and Katja clap. Jensen is sleeping*