lordofalba asked: “ Lets out a deep sigh as Eirik explains to Katja, and lets her down as soon as she starts to wiggle. "Why don't you go find and ask Aunty Iona, okay?" Wants a hug from Eirik without wee ones wanting in on the action, also wants Eirik's help double checking the car for chickens. "Thank you. Also help me double check that I didn't lock a chicken in the car?" ”

"I don’t know what you’re thanking me for…" He grinned and shook his head. "Never a dull moment around here…"



can we talk about how the tooth fairy corporation enclosed the torn-apart corpse of an employee in their letter????

can we talk about how the tooth fairy corporation has an aquatic team that i wish i knew about when i was growing up

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lordofalba asked: “ Aidan gives Eirik a help me look because he isn't sure how to answer Katja. "She asked if I was her 'real' Daddy. I told her there where different kinds." Which by that he means biological and adopted. "She brought up how Una and Evander have red and she, Thalia and Jens don't." Kind of lost how to answer this, because well even if he had been their other biological parent that is how things could have been. ”

"I see. Well you see that’s just how you came out. With blonde hair like Papa. Aidan is your real Daddy because he loves you and he takes care of you. And because he’s there for you every day no matter what ja?"

Katja thinks about this and nods. “Ja. Takk Daddy.” She kisses Aidan’s cheek and wiggles to get down, satisfied with this answer. “I wanna cookie!!”


IM LAUGJING SO HARD the picture looks so sleek and professional with the lighting but ITS A SPOOKY DOG


IM LAUGJING SO HARD the picture looks so sleek and professional with the lighting but ITS A SPOOKY DOG

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lordofalba asked: “ "What kind of really daddy, am I?" Snuggles Katja kissing her cheek. "The kind the loves you. But lets have Papa explain it to you." She is just to cute and he isn't sure how to word this to the tiny girl. Head into his sisters house to find Eirik. "Eirik, wee lass here has an important question I need help answering.* ”

Eirik comes out. “And what’s that?”

"What kinda real daddy is Daddy?" Katja locked her arms around Aidan’s neck so she wouldn’t be put down easily. Her Papa looked at Aidan confused for a moment.

lordofalba asked: “ Blinks when she asks him her question, doesn't really mind being called silly like the chicken. He sure he does seem silly like the chicken to the wee lass. Picks Katja up and kisses her cheek. "What do you mean? If I'm your real Daddy?" Knew this might come up but not here and now, looks around for Eirik hoping for a bit of help. "Because there are different types of 'real' daddies lass." ”

"Oh." She tilts her head and looks past his shoulder, thinking. "What real daddy is Daddy? Cause ‘Vander and Una has red hair like Daddy but Thalee and Jens and Kahtee has ‘lellow hair like Papa." She twirled some of her hair around her finger to show Aidan.

lordofalba asked: “ Sighs as he hears Katja giggle, that means the Hen is most likely loose. Thankfully when he looks back the chicken is looking up at Katja curious. Also all the door are shut tight, but he looks in all the windows just to make sure no other chicken, or animal sneaked into the vehicle while he wasn't looking. ”

Katja continued to laugh up at Aidan. “Daddy you’re silly! Like this chicken!” She pointed to the chicken and patted it’s head gently. “Daddy! I gots to ask you a question… It ‘portant! Daddy is my real daddy?”

lordofalba asked: “ Hands Katja the hen while he goes to double check to make sure he hasn't forgot something that might be needed later. "Here hold her, like this so I don't lock her in the car. Your Papa wouldn't be happy if that happened." Carefully makes she Katja is holding the chicken right before checking the car before locking it up. ”

Katja let the chicken go as soon as Aidan’s back was turned and she giggled. 

lordofalba asked: “ *Pouts but starts unloading, not much else he can do. It could be worse, well other then he almost locks one of the chickens in Eirik car because she was hanging out with him while he unloaded. Rather sure Eirik would not have been amused to come back to chicken shit all over the inside of the car. Also rather sure the chicken wouldn't have been amused by being stuck in the car either, and Jensen would have scolded him.* ”

Katja comes out to “help” Aidan. Really she’s just there standing with her hands on her hips and supervising.